Bees nowadays are seriously threatened by pollution, especially pesticides in agriculture, diseases, parasites (for instance the varroa mite) and also climate change. "If bees should disappear from the face of the earth, man would have but four years left."  This phrase, by an unknown author, refers to the very important role of bees in crop production for food, their work in pollinating. But bees are indeed dying, man is unfortunately killing them off, thus damaging himself and his life expectancy. If this process is not quickly reversed, then the consequences for the entire ecosystem will be exceedingly serious.

Adopt your own bee hive in Siena

We invite you then to join our campaign "Adopt Your Hive in Siena" and take part in our mission to help the bees in our territory survive and contribute to the preservation of the local ecosystem, while benefiting, in terms of health and well being from the products of "your" beehive.
The adoptive family, or whoever the donor names in the adoption proposal, will in fact be able to choose the name of their queen bee and will receive annually a portion of the honey of their own hive, in addition to other products and a certificate of temporary adoption. Adhere simply by email (see below). Products can be picked up directly at the farm or sent to the address indicated, subject to shipping costs (payable by adopter).


The contents of the proposal, to be signed and returned by email to, with object line "Le Api di Gioia",  are as follows:



Adoption proposal

Art. 1 - The duration of the temporary adoption of the hive is annual, with effect from March 1 of each year and without provision for tacit renewal. The renewal of the adoption may be made with the payment of the membership fee by March 1 of each year. The membership fee may undergo variations which will be communicated online, should they occur, by the month of December.


Art.2 - The adoption fee for the year 2020 is € 80 plus 10% VAT for each hive, and must be paid to the "Fattoria Le Pietre Vive di Montaperti" farm, owned by, Nicola Guerrini at the time of subscription of the adoption by email.

New adoptions are possible until the end of May and are valid for the entire year.

Adoption gives right to the assignment of a package of beehive products including: 6 kg of honey, 2 10 cc bottles of propolis extract and 2 50g packs of pollen.

The products are delivered within the month of October, shipping costs, where necessary are to be paid by the adopter. Once the value of the adoption fee has been exceeded, the adopter, as a family member, will still be entitled to purchase bee products with a 10% discount.


Art.3 - The hives adopted will be identified with the chosen name of the queen bee.

Art.4 - The Farm “Fattoria Le Pietre Vive di Montaperti di Guerrini Nicola” carries out organic beekeeping, and undertakes to pursue production in all its steps, with the ultimate aim of achieving the highest quality of honey and of beehive products.


Art.5 – The farm “Fattoria Le Pietre Vive di Montaperti di Guerrini Nicola” will bw responsible for all the costs of ordinary and extraordinary production management and in no case will the adopter be asked for any additional payment other than the established quota and any delivery costs.

Adopt your own bee hive

Thanks for submitting!