Our Story

We purchased the farm, consisting of some rural buildings and about 34 hectares of agricultural land of various types, in the year 2005 with the intention not only of making it our home (with our three children, Gioele, Gioia and Mattia and grandmother Luciana) but of creating in this place, rich in Sienese culture and history, a holiday farm based on family hospitality. The farm which, despite its proximity to the main road network and the city of Siena, is characterized by a peaceful and almost timeless location. It is located in an area reserved for the restocking of local fauna, where hunting is strictly prohibited, so it is not unusual, especially in the early morning and evening, to glimpse hares, pheasants, roe deer, deer, porcupines, turtles and other wild animals while walking along the country lane leading to the property. Here they live undisturbed. The area is also known as the "Acqua Borra Thermal Park", since a few hundred meters from the farm thee is a small thermal spring called "Acqua Borra", whose waters are traditionally thought to have curative properties. The farm, which at the time of purchase was in a state of considerable neglect, was renovated by us with care and passion and is now perfectly restored and finished and equipped with completely new, up-to date energy systems, with pellet heating (zero-emission reverse flame boiler) in winter, and solar panels for hot water in summer. We have worked on improving the land too and in 2011 to further improve the property and enhance the already existing biodiversity, we purchased an additional 10 hectares of land, including woods, a truffle reserve, olive groves, arable land and Mediterranean scrubland.